Nuclear Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) is ideal analytical technique that allows for non-invasive and non-destructive plus quantitative analytical investigations into molecular structure, dynamic processes and chemical reactions. NMR provides detailed information about molecular structure, dynamic processes and allows the direct observation of chemical reactions. It is also a primary quantitative method allowing the determination of concentration of molecules even in complex mixtures. In addition to the well-known observation of hydrogen, carbon, fluorine and phosphorous it can be used on a large number of other elements
NMR is an indispensable tool in chemistry. From structure elucidation and verification to monitoring of reactions, organic chemistry cannot be imagined without this powerful analytical method. In other areas of chemistry NMR provides rare insight into such aspects as structure of catalysts, the state and reactions of electrolytes in batteries
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  • Advanced Technology, Innovative Design.
  • Customizable operation and convenient automation.
  • Compact and robust magnets.
  • Compact and robust magnets with minimal system size, easy installation and low cost of operation.
  • Focused on ease-of-use: Minimal sample preparation or separation needed.
  • Easy and fast sample loading.
  • Ability to evaluate mixtures.
  • Highest Quality Standards:
    • Constructed to deliver optimum performance and superior quality.
    • Every instrument thoroughly tested before leaving production facilities.
    • Comprehensive customer service providing sales, applications and engineering support for all range of products.
  • Professional NMR Data Acquisition & Processing Software:
    • Full functionality of spectrometer control.
    • Complete data acquisition and processing functionality.
    • Fully automatic, highly accurate 1D & 3D gradient shimming technology.
    • Highly automated experiment.
    • Automatic spectral analysis.
    • Automated experiments can be setup through web interface.
Magnet – 400Mhz Actively-shielded magnet Helium/Nitrogen hold time:180/14 days 54 m room temperature bore Low field drift, Low fringe field Anti-vibration legs available
NMR-Console Digital & Modular design
CAN-based distributed control system
GHz IF technology
Excellent spectral purity and linearity
Standard 2 RF channels, expandable to 3 channels
Optional multi-receiver configuration
Broadband Pre-Amplifier Low-noise design
Supports STM (Smart Tune and Match)
Touch screen for interactive display and switching
High Resolution Manual Probe Broadband channel range:31P-15N
1H channel tunable to 19F
13C sensitivity optimized
Broad VT range
Convenient positioning of tuning and matching knobs
Choose NMR as it offers a variety of methods for research and Quality Control in Chemistry/Physics/Medicine/Material Science
  • Chemistry(Pharmaceutical) - Small molecule structure and quantification, Micromolecular structure, Chemical and Molecular Dynamics, Complex Mixture Analysis
  • Material Science - Study polymers, porosity, polymorphism, Explore physical properties
  • Medicine - Evaluate candidate therapeutics.
  • Biology - See inside living organisms
  • Other Sectors - Universities, Oceanography, Trace Analysis in Forensics and Environmental Science, Research Institutes etc.
Magnet, NMR Console, Broadband Preamplifier, High Resolution Manual Probe
Magnet-600MHz, NMR Console, High Resolution Automated Probe, NMRI MAS Probes, Auto sampler changer, Liquid cryogen Level Meter

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