Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrophotometer

NMR Spectroscopy NMR-23

Main Experimental Content:
  • Understand the Basic Principle and Phenomenon of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  • Can observe 1H and 19F nuclear magnetic resonance signal, measurement of gN value and nuclear magnetic moment value
Main Technical parameters:
  • Signal Amplitude: 1H ≥ 100 mV
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 40dB, 19F ≥ 10mV
  • Signal-to-noise ratio:26dB
  • Oscillation frequency:18.5 MHz ~ 23 MHz adjustable, depending on the magnetic field
  • Sweep field signal(Sweep field current): 0 ~ 200 mA adjustable
  • Probe movement position: 0 ± 40 mm
  • Samples Water doped with copper sulfate or ferric chloride, polytertrafluoroethylene rods etc.
  • Permanent magnet:Field strength of about 480mt, the relative uniformity of the magnetic field is better than 10-5, magnetic field gap: 15mm
  • Frequency meter included
  • The user needs to be equipped with another double trace oscilloscope
UNIVERSITIES & EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES:-Chemistry Lab/Physics Lab/Medical Colleges/Material Science labs, Degree college, PG colleges, Experimental Research Educational labs etc.


Magnet – 400Mhz Actively-shielded magnet Helium/Nitrogen hold time:180/14 days 54 m room temperature bore Low field drift, Low fringe field Anti-vibration legs available
NMR-Console Digital & Modular design
CAN-based distributed control system
GHz IF technology
Excellent spectral purity and linearity
Standard 2 RF channels, expandable to 3 channels
Optional multi-receiver configuration
Broadband Pre-Amplifier Low-noise design
Supports STM (Smart Tune and Match)
Touch screen for interactive display and switching
High Resolution Manual Probe Broadband channel range:31P-15N
1H channel tunable to 19F
13C sensitivity optimized
Broad VT range
Convenient positioning of tuning and matching knobs

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