UV Visible Spectrophotometer UV-5300

Single Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometers : UV Visible Spectrophotometer UV-5300

Split-beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer is designed high end optical system and blazed holographic gratings. This instrument delivers the functionality and very high accuracy and precision of an advanced instrument at an affordable price. Inbuilt color touch-screen having modes of all kinds to perform any applications. The Model: SBTUV-VIS-5350 is designed with sophisticated power protection system. With high capacity of internal memory. It can store: Standard & sample files, Scanned images, Statistical data. Provision for printing of standard and sample data tables, graphs, statistical data etc. High performance fixed 2nm spectral bandwidth, with very low stray light 0.03%T, wavelength accuracy ± 0.5nm, built-in automatic 8-position cuvette holder

  • Compact and very smart looking
  • 8-Inch Multi color touch-screen
  • Very fast Initialization when power on instrument
  • Split beam optical system Automatic wavelength settings
  • The Automatic 8-position cuvette Holder facilitates, feasible for standard and sample analysis in each measurement mode
  • Auto Zero facility for entire spectral range equipped with USB port
  • Modes: Spectrum, Photometric, Concentration, Time Scan, Kinetic optional: Bio-spectrophotometric applications etc.
  • Sample chamber can accommodate: 50 & 100mm cuvettes
  • Very high capacity of internal storage facility
  • Optional: 50 mm & 100mm cuvette holder & Advanced Spectrum data processing software
Range 190nm-1000nm
Accuracy ± 0.5 nm
Repeatability ± 0.2 nm
Scanning Speed Fast,Medium,Slow
Setting Automatic
Mode T, A, C
Display Range 0-200%T, -0.3~3A,0-9999C
Accuracy ± 0.3%T, ±0.002Abs(0-0.5A), ±0.004A(0.5A-1A)
Repeatability ≤ 0.15%T, 0.001Abs (0-0.5A),± 0.002Abs (0.5 – 1A)
Spectrum Bandwidth 2 nm
Baseline Flatness ± 0.002A(200-1090nm)
Baseline Stability 100%(T) noise ≤ 0.15%(T)
Optical System Single Beam
Light Source Deuterium and Tungsten Lamp
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Stray Light ≤ 0.03%T (measured by NAI at 220nm) (measured at NaNO2 at 360 nm)
Data Output USB
Power Requirement AC220v±22v-50Hz± 1Hz, 80W
Dimensions (W ×D ×H) 740mm*630mm*450mm
Weight 35 Kg
Monochromator Czerny-Turner
Grating 1200lines/mm
Food & Beverage
Educational Institutes & Research labs
Drinking & waste water analysis
Paint & Dyes
User Manual – 1 Qty
Glass Cuvettes(1cm)- 4Qty
Quartz Cuvette(1cm)- 2 Qty
Power cable - 1 Qty
Fuse – 2 No.
Thermal Printer, Cuvette Holder 50mm & 100mm, Advanced Spectrum data processing software

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