Colorimeter FC-1

Colorimeters : Colorimeter FC-1

Digital Colorimeters are Microcontroller based digital Filter colorimeters. This instrument is ease of use with high testing capability, durable, dustproof, water proof, compact and designed keeping in mind the users. User friendly features and ease of use these equipment’s are used widely for visible filter range applications. This digital colorimeter equipment is durably manufactured ensuring safe working even in tough conditions. These colorimeters require low maintenance

  • Microcontroller based Digital Colorimeter
  • Compact, Rugged, Sturdy, Reliable and Easy to operate
  • Long life Light source
  • Long life silicon photocell
  • User friendly operation
  • Display of %T, Abs and Concentration
  • Only 1.5 ml of sample needed
Wavelength Range 420nm - 660nm
Filters 405nm,492nm,546nm,578nm,600nm(Glass Filters) Or 420,470, 530,620,660nm (Glass filters)
Wavelength Stability Highly reproducible
Repeatability 5nm
Photometric Range T%: 0-100%
Photometric Accuracy 2T
Volume Required for Analysis 1.5 ml
Light Source Tungsten Lamp
Indicator Digital Display
Detector Silicon Photocell
Power Supply 220V AC 10W
Dimensions 280x220x122mm
Instrument weight 3 kg
In determination of concentration of constituents in Textile
Food & Beverages
Water analysis
Analytical and Agricultural chemistry

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