Fluorescence Spectroscopy Fluoro-830T

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer : Fluorescence Spectroscopy Fluoro-830T

The 7-inch color touch screen Fluorescence spectrophotometer is professional technology having emission spectral range of 300nm to 700nm, with a standard excitation (Ex.) wavelength of 365nm. This Fluorescence spectrophotometer is compact design with the largest range of accessories together with the universal data processing software package(optional). A comprehensive data platform gives you complete control over measurement, analysis and data archiving

  • Compact & cost effective
  • User friendly software
  • Bandwidth: 12nm
  • Highest S/N Performance
  • High-throughput optical system
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Advanced digital signal processing
  • Compact benchtop footprint
  • Precision temperature control accessories for liquids and solids
  • Real-time display of fluorescence and concentration values
  • Direct determination of single point concentration standard
  • Auto-zero and background detection
  • The high-brightness and long-lasting LED light source ensures the high stability of the test.
Range(Ex.&Em.) 300nm - 700nm
Accuracy ± 2nm
Repeatability ≤ 1nm
Slit (Ex. & Em.) 12 nm
Standard Excitation wavelength 365 nm
Zero Drift ±0.3%
Peak Intensity Reproducibility ≤ 1.5%
Linear correlation coefficient ≥ 0.995
Sensitivity Quinine sulphate detection limit is 5x10 -10
Display 7-inch color display
Light Source LED cold light source
Monochromator C – T diffraction grating monochromator
Detector PMT
Data Output USB
Power Supply AC220v± 22v, 50Hz±1Hz,100W
Dimensions 63X53.5X40.5cm
Weight 21kg
Main Instrument – 1, Software -1, Instrument Manual – 1, Fuse – 2No. Power cable -1, USB Cable – 1no., Quartz Fluorescence Sample cell 10mm – 1 pair

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