Fluorescence Spectroscopy Fluoro-840

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer : Fluorescence Spectroscopy Fluoro-840

Compact system capable of performing many new functions such as sensitivity (S/N 150: RMS) and ultra-high-speed (48,000 nm/min) at the highest level of its class. Having Fixed Bandwidth 10nm This product is designed for fulfill the basic needs of customer. This instrument easily meets the requirement in material research, drug analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality control, food safety testing and other areas of qualitative and quantitative analysis
High quality Control and Quality assurance: High quality Xenon light source and Photo multiplier tube detectors and instruments to provide sufficient light intensity signal and the detection sensitivity

  • Compact design with a volume ratio of 2/3 and 30% reduced mass(weight) Precise settings of wavelength and slit width in both Excitation and Emission Monochromators
  • 3D time change measurement mode capable of following time changes at multiple wavelengths
  • Expanded measuring time range enabling measurement of long-lasting phosphorescence Continuously variable voltage photomultiplier with sixth order dynamic range important for the analysis of unknown samples
  • Expanded setting time of “time scan” capable of following changes 2.5 times longer than before
  • Report generator offered as optional software for customization in free format after data processing
  • Absorbance, Fluorescence Polarization. These three varieties of accessories are application oriented and are interchangeable
  • PC software provides the features has techniques to view, analyze and display up to 4th order Derivative Spectra, Peak Picking, Spectra Zooming Smoothening, Data Saving and Printing
Range(Ex.&Em.) 200nm - 900nm
Accuracy ± 1nm
Repeatability ± 0.5nm
Scan Speed Multi-Speed Level, Maximum at 48000 nm/min
Slit(Ex. & Em.) 10 nm
Light Source 150W Xenon lamp (Hamamatsu)
Intensity Range 0.00-10000
Detection Limit ≤ 1x10-10 g/ml (Quinine Sulphate Solution)
S/N Ratio Raman peak of water: S/N≥150(10 nm slit)
Peak Intensity Reproducibility ≤ 1.5%
Linear correlation coefficient Slope≥ 0.995
Stability(10min.) Value Limit:±1.5%
Monochromator C – T diffraction grating monochromator
Detector PMT
Data Output USB
Power 200 W
Power Supply AC220v± 22v, 50Hz±1Hz,
Dimensions 380x445x310(mm)
Weight 12kg
Analysis of Trace levels of Biological Samples in Clinical Examination, Medicine and Bio-Chemistry
Constituents in Food
Components immeasurable by AAS in organic & Inorganic Chemistry
Analysis of Drugs, Quality Control of Pharmaceuticals & Study of metabolism of Medicines in Pharmacy & Pharmacology
Monitoring & Study of Air & Food pollutants, Environmental Sanitation etc., in pollution control
Assays requiring Fluorescent Analysis beyond Quantification – Polarization
For Anisotropy studies of molecular Dynamics
For complete photophysical model of the molecules (Absorbance, Fluorescence and Polarization Accessories together)
Main Instrument – 1, Pro Sofware -1, Instrument Manual – 1, Fuse – 2No.Power cable -1, USB Cable – 1no., Quartz Fluorescence Sample cell 10mm – 1 pair
1Single sample rackConventional Liquid Fluorescence Sample
2Multi-Purpose Fluorescent Sample Rack HolderBase holder
3Octave FilterRemove the interference of frequency doubling
4200 µl micro scale centrifuge tube rackFor centrifuge tube fluorescence measurement
5Membrane sample rack For membrane sample
6Powder Sample rackFor powder samples
7Auto Polarization FilterAdjust the polarization light

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