Flame Photometer FP-450

Flame Photometers : Flame Photometer FP-450

The Flame Photometer is the standard version for a variety of laboratory applications and offers a very simple operation in combination with very high precision and application flexibility in determining the concentration of alkali and alkaline earth elements in aqueous solutions.in this measuring device for the simultaneous measurement of the elements Na, K, Ca, Li and Ba. Five measuring channels are available for this, which can individually configured. This flame photometer achieves high precision and reproducible measurement results and are a simple and particularly cost-effective alternative to analysis techniques such as ICP-AAS

  • Reliable, Simultaneous measurement of up to alkaline and alkaline earth elements
  • 7-inch color capacitive touch LCD screen
  • For operation with low sample volume
  • Very high Precision
  • Maximum operational safety through intelligent security mechanisms
  • Auto Flame Shut-off
  • Provision for adjustment of flame-size
  • User administration with two authorization levels
  • Full traceability of the measurement results
  • Extensive interfaces and convenient data transfer
  • Optional operating software.
Test Elements Potassium, Sodium, Lithium, Calcium,Barium
Reading Range 0.000~999.9
Number of Channels 5 Channel, Optional:2,3 & 4 Channel
Range PPM
K 0 – 100
Na 0 – 160
Li 0 – 100
Ca 0 – 1000
Ba 0 – 3000
K 0.01
Na 0.01
Li 0.1
Ca 2
Ba 6
Linear error
K 0.195
Na 0.69
Li 0.15
Ca 3
Ba 9
Display 7 inch color capacitive touch LCD screen
Show Results Concentration Value
Response time < 8S
Minimum section Volume < 6ml/min
Satability < 3% coeffiecient of variation for 7 consecutive samples
Repeatability < 3% coefficient of variation for 7 consecutive samples
Graph Display
Printer Optional build-in thermal printer
Fuel LPG
Power AC220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz, 250W
Normal Working Condition Ambient Temperature 10 0C – 35 0C
Dimension 780mmx560mmx390mm
Weight 18 Kg
Determination of In Bio-Medical Investigations: Na & K in body fluids Na, K and Li electrolytes in serum, Ba in Fecal matter (from Barium meal, Barium swallow etc…)
In Pharmaceuticals: Na, K, Ca nutrient solutions for cultivation of Antibiotics
In Pollution Monitoring & Control: Na, K & Ca in Natural, Spring, River, Sea boiler feed, Rings and waste water
In Food & Agriculture: Na & K content in soils, plant materials, Food & Beverages, Ca in wine
In Research Laboratories and Industries: Alkali metal in pastes, soda Glass, ceramic and chemical industries Na, K and Ca in Cement and its raw materials
Inbuilt Filters, Main device 1 unit, Air Compressor with Buffer tank- 1 No, 5 cc beakers, Cleaning wire and capillary, Power cord- 1 No., User’s Manual-1 No.

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