Microwave Digestion System MWD-6

Micro Wave Digestion System : Microwave Digestion System MWD-6

This Microwave Digestion System is Compact, Vertical waveguide design and 3D output technology and harmonic power frequency ensures uniform microwave distribution. Having vessel capacity 12/18. Microwave acid digestion system that produces clear digestate from samples for elemental analysis. Microwave acid digestion system that produces clear digestate from samples for elemental analysis by ICP-MS, ICP-OES & AAS

Microwave Digestion Technique
Microwave acid digestion is a technique to dissolve metals, bound within a sample matrix, into liquid. This is achieved by exposing a sample to a strong acid, in a closed vessel and raising the temperature and pressure through microwave irradiation. Both the spec of thermal decomposition of the sample, and the solubility of heavy metals are in solution, they can be quantified through elemental techniques. This system reduces sample prep time by more than 70%, as compared to traditional techniques

  • Fast and complete sample digestion for determination of elements concentration
  • No losses of the sample and its volatile components, because all the stages of the digestion process are carried out in the same closed vessel
  • Methodological support
  • Smart 7-inch touch screen
  • Microwave Power 0-2000W(Adjustable)
  • Safety Protection design, compatible with high-level microwave leakage protection standards
  • High power turbulent cooling design makes fast cooling
  • Sample can be digested easily using preloaded methods
  • Intelligent software and User-friendly interface
  • Standard Method Library
  • The software has built standard method library and pre-installed various general sample digestion methods. Users can also search edit, save, modify and delete the specific methods (Temperature and Pressure Monitoring Window)
  • The real-time data and scanning curve of temperature and pressure of each vessel would be shown in the T&P monitoring window (Real-time Data Scrolling Window)
  • Real-time Data scrolling window
  • All data of the whole running process would be saved automatically, users can check the specific digestion process so that to improve the digestion method
  • Compliance features for regulatory labs
  • Comply with 21 CFR Part 11, which enables users to realize e-signatures, limits of authority management and audit trail etc.
Display 7 inches Touch Screen
Temperature Monitoring Contactless IR Sensor
Maximum Working Pressure 6 MPa
Quantity 12 Vessels / 18 Vessels
Volume 100 ml
Material Inner-Imported TFM, Outer Imported PEEK + Glass Fiber
Testing Contactless Pressure Sensor
Control Range 0-10MPa
Control Accuracy 0.01MPa
Control Range 50~400 0C
Control Accuracy ± 0.3 0C
Control Scanning control of each vessel
Power 0-2000W Adjustable
Frequency 2450Hz
Leak <5mW/cm2
Rotation Mode 360 Continuous Rotation
Inner Vessel Temperature Limit 300 0C
Maximum working Temperature 250 0C
Power AC 220V,16A,50/60Hz
Weight 75KG
Dimensions 640 x 630 x 590 mm
Optional Accessories 18 Vessel, 40 Vessel, 50 Vessel

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