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NIR Spectrophotometer NIR-1100

NIR Spectrophotometer

NIR Spectrophotometer

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NIR analyzers have become an indispensable tool for the monitoring of production process technology and quality control of food products. NIR analyzer is used for rapid analysis of various agricultural and food products and beverages enabling simultaneous determination of main constituents/parameters with the highest accuracy possible. The analysis is very rapid and non-destructive, and usually does not require any sample preparation at all. NIR analysis offers rapid, affordable and precise results. It enables real-time decision making for enhanced quality and higher productivity. NIR spectrophotometer support you in mastering your daily challenges from incoming goods inspection to finished product release
Built-in high-quality PTFE reference module and polystyrene wavelength standard filter. Automatic reference calibration and monitoring wavelengths ensure accurate and stable measurement results

Range900 nm ~ 2500 nm
Accuracy≤ 0.2
Repeatability≤ 0.05
Measurement Transmission
Bandwidth 8 nm
Stray Light ≤ 0.1%
Noise ≤ 0.0005 Abs
Analysis time 1 minute or above
Optical System Grating Monochromator
Light Source Quartz Halogen Lamp
Detector High Efficiency Detector
Sample Attachment Built-in-high quality PTFE reference module and polystyrene wavelength standard filter
Atomatic reference calibration and monitoring wavelength
Port USB2.0
Power Supply 90~250V, 50/60Hz
Temperature Requirement 5~85 %RH
Dimensions 360mmx460mmx240mm
Weight 12 kg
  • PC based; User-Friendly & Menu driven
  • High Performance Concave Grating Monochromator
  • Rapid analysis of grain quality parameters (determination of protein, moisture, gluten content, glassiness and other parameters of wheat)
  • Analysis results are obtained within few minutes
  • Easy to operate & No sample preparation is required
  • The highest accuracy of measurement provided by the use of NIR spectrometry
  • The instrument monitors the ambient temperature and humidity in real time
  • Open calibration models (the possibility of extending calibration: expand their range and accuracy)
  • State-of-the-art user-friendly software

The main application areas are: Grain and Grain Product Analysis
Rapid analysis of quality parameters of cereals (determination of protein, moisture, gluten content, and other parameters) of wheat, barley, corn, and grain products etc.
Monitoring of flour quality at various stages of the milling process
Determination of oil content, moisture and other quality parameters of interest in oilseeds
Processed products, quality control of compound feed production
Dairy Industry
In the dairy industry, the instrument is installed at milk processing plants for quality control of milk and milk products (cheese, curd, yoghurt, milk power and others) for main quality parameters
Routine analysis is made simple with our analyzer – products are analyzed as they are, without any sample pre-treatment
The availability of rapid control allows optimization and strict control over the production process
Some of the selected applications for our NIR analyzers are listed below
Wheat grains-Protein, moisture, gluten, glassiness, fiber Soyabeans-Protein, moisture, oil, fiber Raw milk-Protein, fat total solids, lactose, freezing point Meat and meat products-Protein, fat, moisture Fish and seafood-Protein, fat, moisture, salt Potatoes-Moisture Apples-Moisture Wine-Ethanol, sugar, titrated acidity, total Sulphur dioxide, total dry extract, pH


Spectrophotometers are widely used for colorimetric applications in various fields of biochemistry, physics and chemical industries. We carry wide array of products suitable for all the specific needs including clinical, laboratory or research and industrial market.

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