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Flame Photometer FP-440


The Model: FP-440 Flame photometer measure alkali and alkaline earth metals Sodium (Na), Potassium(K), Lithium (Li), Calcium (Ca) and Barium (Ba). With simultaneous detection and display of 3 elements at a time. A high quality and high-performance instrument. The modern technology to improve both accuracy and stability while significantly reducing analysis time. The Flame photometer is designed with new-type of nebulizer having long service life, easy installation and maintenance

Test Elements Potassium, Sodium, Lithium, Calcium,Barium
Number of Channels 5 Channel, Optional:2, 3 & 4 Channel
Range PPM
Na0 – 100 PPM
K0 – 100 PPM
Li0 – 100 PPM
Ca0 – 1000 PPM
Ba0 - 3000 PPM
Linear error
Na0.5 PPM
K0.2 PPM
Li0.1 PPM
Display LCD display, Touch panel with numeric keypad
Curve Calibration straight-line method; Quadratic fit
Response time < 15S
Stability ≤ 3% coeffiecient of variation for 3 consecutive samples
Repeatability ≤ 3% coefficient of variation for 3 consecutive samples
Printer Build-in thermal printer
Fuel LPG
Power AC220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz, 250W
Normal Working Condition Ambient Temperature 10 0C – 35 0C
Dimensions(In Cm) 76x41x57
Weight 27 Kg
  • LCD display, touch panel with numeric keypad
  • Automatic ignition system
  • Removable Combustion head
  • Flame out protection device and with relief value
  • With pre-select function for flame size and mist separator
  • Easy adjustable Relief valve, direct view of pressure gauge
  • Single-point calibration function
  • Calibration curve can be saved
  • Auto Correlation coefficient calculating function
  • With RS 232 interface, can connect with external printer
  • Compliance: ISO/CE Certificate

Determination of In Bio-Medical Investigations: Na & K in body fluids Na, K and Li electrolytes in serum, Ba in Fecal matter (from Barium meal, Barium swallow etc…)
 Clinical & Pathology Research (serum, Urine & Plasma etc..)
In Pharmaceuticals: Na, K, Ca nutrient solutions for cultivation of Antibiotics
In Pollution Monitoring & Control: Na, K & Ca in Natural, Spring, River, Sea boiler feed, Rings and waste water
In Food & Agriculture: Na & K content in soils, plant materials, Food & Beverages, Ca in wine
In Research Laboratories and Industries: Alkali metal in pastes, soda Glass, ceramic and chemical industries Na, K and Ca in Cement and its raw materials

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